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Getting Started

Websites from one page to as many as you need.

Run through a short questionnaire to clarify what you are after, or fill out the Contact Form to send to us.

You will need a Domain Name and then the site will need to be Hosted (kept on another computer called a server which is connected to the internet 24 hours a day).

It is pretty imperitive you have a unique domain name asap so a holding page can be created. Search engines can then begin to index your site. Search engines will systematically 'crawl' or 'search' your sites pages for keywords - but only if it exists! Yahoo! and Google search 'crawls' will not be rushed and the indexing process can take up to six months! So having just one page on the web is fantastic for search engines. They index your site and your keywords; then push you up the relevant search rankings!

There is a small yearly fee for the Domain Name itself and a monthly fee to Westhead Design Ltd for Hosting and looking after the site.


Already have a Domain name?

You may already have a domain name and have a company hosting the site - in this case your access permissions will be required in order to interact with the website hosting space in question.


Call Chris for a chat on 01900 825 641 or click to email: