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Domain names

Fundamental for success

Your domain name identifies you and your website so people who search for you can find you.

A domain name should clearly express who you are as a company or individual.

Domain names are best short and simple so they are memorable.

You can register names with different extensions for example .com and to name just two.
If UK based, then at the end of your site name will give a UK audience more confidence that they are dealing with a company 'close' to them. International audiences will see .com giving more of an international profile.

Domain names which can be visualised will also help.

Be focused - the name should encapsulate what the site is about.

Stay away from words spelt differently globally.

The right domain names will help improve the profile of your brand and ensure you strengthen it on the Web. The wrong domain names can cause the reverse to happen.

Be careful that you don't get caught out by using domain names that infringe copyrights, trade-marks, or names of existing trading companies.

Registering a long domain name containing a list of relevant words for your web site may achieve a higher ranking in some search engines. Several of the major search engines rank web sites much higher if the search terms are contained in the domain name. This is a useful trick which is becoming increasingly popular as a way of optimising indexing within a broad range of search engines.

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